I lack the words to fully capture the marvels of Paris—its stunning architecture, rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and exquisite cuisine. This is why I chose to make it my home. Consequently, I highly encourage people who wants to get married here too. Therefore, if you are considering this idea, I have compiled a list of my favorite Paris wedding venues and am sharing my top tips in this article.

Frequent questions about weddings in Paris

How much does it cost to do a wedding in Paris?

Firstly, prices for luxury weddings in Paris typically start at 50,000 euros. Contact wedding planner Cassia Thomas to receive a personalized proposal for your wedding in Paris.

Can foreigners get married in Paris?

Most couples have a simple civil ceremony in their hometown, followed by a symbolic ceremony in Paris to experience the city and create beautiful wedding memories. To have a civil wedding in France, at least one of the spouses must be a resident of the country.

What month is best to get married in Paris?

From March to May, during the spring, the country comes alive with vibrant colours and fragrant flowers. The mild weather and longer daylight hours make spring an ideal time for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. However, keep in mind that popular venues may be in high demand during this season, especially in May, so early booking is essential.

How much does it cost to get married at the Palace of Versailles?

Palace of Versailles wedding cost will exceed 900 000 euros with optimal budgets starting at 1 200 000 euros. The venue rent itself requires a donation starting at 500 000 euros. The wedding planner Cassia Thomas can help you to plan every detail of it.

Where is the most expensive place to get married in Paris?

Mainly, a wedding at the Ritz Paris embodies luxury and grandeur, reflected in its pricing. Smaller weddings of 40-60 guests would require a budget starting from 75,000 euros. Hence, for a grand wedding of 100-120 guests, expect to spend around 200,000 euros at minimum.

Paris Wedding Venues: top high-end places to get married

I have curated a selection of the best places for lovebirds to hold their wedding, ensuring an unforgettable moment in their lives. With my support, these Paris wedding venues will offer all the services needed for a perfect celebration. Check them out:

1. Maison de l’Amérique Latine

Photo: Maison de l’Amérique Latine

First, to make this special day idyllic, the Maison de l’Amérique Latine offers its magnificent 18th-century lounges, which open onto French gardens, and a meal that combines aesthetics and flavors. Furthermore, the enchanting salons of the Maison de l’Amérique Latine will make your wedding the unforgettable moment you’ve been dreaming of. Mainly, the parquet floors, the light from the chandeliers reflected in mirrors with golden ornaments, the precious woodwork, and the draperies opening onto the beautiful French gardens give this place a magical dimension.

In this exquisite setting, which will be yours for the duration of your event, you will be delighted to offer your guests harmonious cuisine with subtle combinations of flavors. Certainly, their kitchen team will craft your menu, including the eight items served at the cocktail reception and the seated dinner menu featuring a starter, main course, cheese, and dessert buffet.

Weddings are exclusive on weekends, from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m.. Their seating capacity is 220 people for a sit-down dinner and 800 for a cocktail event.

2. Salons des Arts et Métiers

wedding Salons des Arts et Métiers
Photo: Salons des Arts et Métiers

Being invited to a reception in a Parisian mansion is a privilege. This luxury wedding venue has embodied the charm of private mansions from the end of the 19th century since 1925. In particular, your guests will be captivated by the House’s soul, the elegance of the lounges, the breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower, and the quality of the dinner.

For your receptions, do you prefer a view of the Eiffel Tower or the garden? Whether it’s a cocktail, lunch, or private dinner, the Salons of the Hôtel des Arts & Métiers adapt to your desires.

In fine weather, your cocktail reception will take place in the garden. Dinner and dancing will then be held in the first-floor lounges with a view of the Eiffel Tower. The House is entirely privatized for events with a minimum of 80 guests.

3. Les Salons du Prè Catelan

Photo: Monsieur Richard HAUGHTON

In a green setting in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne and just five minutes from the Champs-Élysées, Le Pré Catelan takes shape as an elegant Napoleon III pavilion. Opened in 1856, Le Pré Catelan enjoyed immense success: the bucolic site, the quality of the orchestras, and the refinement of the festivals made it one of the most popular places in the capital.

With 12 reception rooms bathed in light, along with terraces and gardens, there is space to hold events for up to 2,000 people, all of whom will receive special hospitality. In addition, the creative cuisine of Guy Krenzer, a previous winner of the title of Best Craftsman of France, combined with wine selected by Olivier Poussier, World’s Best Sommelier in 2000, ensures refined and exclusive gastronomy.

4. Yachts de Paris

Photo: Nicolas Buisson

How about tying the knot while sailing down the Seine River? Above all, to ensure your experience surpasses expectations, Yachts de Paris offers a selection of yachts and salons along the banks of the Seine, each with its own unique atmosphere.

Choose from six types of yachts: Cachemire, Acajou, Victoria, Excellence, Mirage, and Paquebot, accommodating anywhere from 18 to 800 people. Also, the impeccable services and opulent yachting culture they provide are available to elevate grand occasions like weddings. In brief, these yachts promise to elevate your event, creating unforgettable moments on the Seine.

5. Rodin Museum

wedding The Rodin Museum
Photo: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

The Rodin Museum stands out as one of the most prestigious wedding venues in Paris. Due to its status as a museum open to the general public, access to the venue is restricted before 6:30 pm. Consequently, many weddings hosted at the Rodin Museum are scheduled for Mondays, the only day of the week when the museum is closed to the public.

Whether it’s an intimate wedding or a lavish celebration with hundreds of guests, the Musée Rodin provides the perfect backdrop for a luxury event in Paris. Similarly to other museum wedding venues, the Musée Rodin places great emphasis on security procedures to safeguard the estate, its masterpieces, and historical gardens.

6. Hôtel Marois

Fans of historical novels will be especially delighted to learn that Hotel le Marois stands on the site of the ancient townhouse of Marie Duplessis, the courtesan who inspired Alexandre Dumas fils to write his famous novel, “The Lady of the Camellias.”

Firstly, its opulent décor, featuring gilded moldings, marble fireplaces, and romantic mythological paintings on the ceiling, provides the perfect backdrop for a lavish destination wedding. The ideal guest count ranges between 70 and 80 people, ensuring comfortable seating in the same ballroom. While Hotel le Marois can accommodate larger groups, it may require guests to be placed in different interconnecting rooms.

7. The Ritz

Steeped in the Belle Époque era, the Ritz Paris was born in 1898, nestled within a mansion on Place Vendôme, an area synonymous with the essence of Parisian chic.

For exceptional events in the heart of the City of Lights, the Ritz Paris is your go-to destination. With nine salons to choose from, accommodating anywhere from ten to five hundred guests, you can tailor your event to match your personal style.

Among these salons, Salon d’Été stands out as the brightest space, inspiring a sense of summery optimism regardless of the mood outside. On sunny days, the salon opens onto the terrace and the landscaped Grand Jardin beyond. Still, even in inclement weather, the large windows and glass atrium bring the outside in, connecting guests with nature.

8. Plaza Athénée

plaza athenee wedding
Photo: Cassia Thomas

Located near the iconic Eiffel Tower, the Plaza Athénée hotel offers an exquisite setting for your celebration.

Without a doubt, what sets this hotel apart as one of my top wedding venues in Paris are its balconies. With spacious balconies boasting views of the Eiffel Tower, Plaza Athénée provides the perfect romantic backdrop for your photos.

For your ceremony, Plaza Athénée offers elegant white salons adorned with illustrious chandeliers, ideal for larger weddings. Particularly, with five elegant function suites covering 400 square meters, your guests will be captivated by the stunning surroundings. In addition to that, the Salon Haute Couture, the largest room, can accommodate 200 guests for a standing cocktail reception or 110 guests seated for dinner. Conveniently, the hotel is just a five-minute walk from Alma-Marceau and a seven-minute walk from the Champs-Élysées.

9. Hôtel de Crillon

Nestled in the heart of the city, dating back to the 18th century, the Hôtel de Crillon has recently undergone a magnificent renovation, restoring it to its former glory.

Offering a fairy-tale location overlooking Place de la Concorde, the hotel’s exclusive historical salons provide the perfect setting for a memorable wedding. Moreover, its checker-tiled balcony offers unrivaled views of many Parisian landmarks, making it an ideal spot for an intimate ceremony.

With a trio of magnificent historical salons, the Hôtel de Crillon offers a sumptuous backdrop for weddings in the heart of Paris. Also, the palace hotel provides a sublime setting for exchanging vows, accommodating celebrations of all styles and sizes, from 60 to 100 guests.

10. Hôtel Le Meurice

Intimate wedding at Le Maurice Palace Paris Cassia Thomas
Photo: Nicolas Launay

Firstly, the Hotel Le Meurice stands as one of the most chic and prestigious stopovers in Paris. Since its establishment in 1835, Le Meurice has been revered as the jewel of French palaces. In particular, its majestic decorations, inspired by the 18th century, and tailor-made service epitomize the French art of living. Furthermore, it’s truly a dream location for any event.

Nestled in the heart of historic Paris, Le Meurice overlooks the Tuileries Garden and the Louvre museum, with luxury experiences at Place Vendôme and the Saint-Honoré area just around the corner.

For wedding ceremonies, Le Meurice offers three exquisite salons. For instance, the Salon Pompadour, with a capacity for 170 guests, is a breathtaking room filled with golden light and shimmering memories. Above all, its sparkling 19th-century décor evokes the grandeur of Versailles and reflects the rich heritage of this elegant hotel.

11. The Pensinsula

Just a stone’s throw from the Arc de Triomphe, the Peninsula hotel stands as a beacon of luxury in the heart of the French Capital—a dream location for couples preparing to celebrate an extraordinary wedding.

The Peninsula promises an event that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Additionally, this is showcased through the architectural beauty of its interiors, the cutting-edge technology of its rooms, and the breathtaking views it offers.

Furthermore, this Paris wedding venue boasts some of the finest vistas in the city, perfect for crafting an unforgettable wedding experience. Whether dining at the hotel’s renowned restaurant, l’Oiseau Blanc, which can accommodate up to 150 guests on its terrace, or gazing out from the Katara Suite, the Eiffel Tower stands majestically in full view, adding to the magic of the occasion.

Paris wedding venues for intimate celebrations

intimate wedding in paris

Planning an intimate ceremony in Paris? I’ve curated a selection of venues that offer intimate settings and unique backdrops for memorable micro weddings, elopements, and vow renewals in the romantic city of Paris.

Micro wedding in Paris

For a micro wedding in Paris, consider these intimate venues:

  • Jardin des Tuileries;
  • Square Jean XXIII;
  • Musée Rodin;
  • Pavillon de la Reine;
  • Maison des Polytechniciens.

Elopement and vows renewal in Paris

elopement wedding in paris

Have you ever considered renewing your vows or do an elopement wedding in Paris? There are wonderful locations to choose from (aside from the Eiffel Tower):

  • Luxembourg Gardens;
  • Seine River Cruise;
  • Montmartre;
  • Shakespeare and Company Bookstore;
  • Petit Palais

Wedding planner in Paris

Dream of getting married in Paris? Then, I can guide you through all the planning process. Contact us and learn more about our wedding planning services.

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