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Cassia Thomas can help you to organize every detail of your luxury wedding, engagement proposal or civil ceremony in Europe.

Are you excited about planning your party in France, Portugal, or Greece? We can’t wait to make your event unforgettable! Get in touch with us to book a meeting with our team and discover more about our services.


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“I used this service for my wedding.  She helped me with the entire organization from A to Z. Everything was exactly as I had dreamed.  The final work was sublime, marvelous, exceptional.I will never forget everything she did for us!”

Hannah Romão, bride

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destination wedding france cassia thomas

Frequently Asked Questions

First, you need a qualified and certified wedding planner such as Cassia Thomas. In addition, this professional must know the region and local suppliers well to offer a reliable service to the couple. Above all, the wedding planner must provide the necessary solutions for carrying out the weddings and all the knowledge to clarify possible doubts.

From north to south and east to west, France has incredible scenarios for weddings: castles, halls, properties, palaces, restaurants, rooftops, boats, among others. It is up to the couple to choose the place that best suits their style.

Civil Weddings are sometimes held a month or a week in advance, and we organize a lunch for the closest family. The wedding reception takes place after that and can be far from the couple’s or parents’ home, away from home in the South of France, Provence or Italy or Portugal or Switzerland, to enjoy a trip and have a unique experience at the party.

Paris is great! Here you can do anything from an elopement and a micro Wedding for ten people to larger weddings. Couples find here several options for palaces, boats, rooftops, and restaurants. And, not far from Paris, there are castles and other properties.

It all depends on how much the couple and their family want to invest in the wedding reception. Some factors that impact the value of marriage:

  • the number of guests,
  • the place and location;
  • the type of decoration;
  • the photographer and video professionals.

Two foreigners living abroad, but at least one of whom has continuously resided for at least one month in the same municipality in France, can get married there. The month of continuous residence applies from the date of publication of the banns. The civil wedding must then be validated in the country of origin.