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Can you envision exchanging vows in Paris? A wedding amidst the enchanting allure of the City of Lights is a dream for many couples. With its romantic ambiance, breathtaking architecture, and profound history, Paris sets a captivating stage for the sacred union of marriage. Whether it’s the intimate exchange of vows by the Seine River or a grand celebration in a majestic French château, Paris offers myriad enchanting settings for couples to declare their love. However, to bring this magical vision to life, finding a skilled wedding planner in Paris is essential.

Choosing the right professional is paramount, ensuring that every aspect of your Parisian wedding journey is seamless and enjoyable for both you, your partner, and your guests. The ideal wedding planner in Paris possesses an intimate knowledge of the city and can offer invaluable insights into ceremony locations, ideal timelines, vendor recommendations, and every detail necessary to orchestrate your dream wedding in Paris.

In this article, I’ve crafted a comprehensive guide to help you select the perfect wedding planner, ensuring that this experience etches a lasting impression on your lives. Here’s everything you need to know.

Frequently asked questions about wedding planning

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What is a luxury wedding planner?

Initially, a wedding planner is a professional specialized in planning one of the best and most memorable days in the life of a couple. The professional is in charge of advising, designing, and taking care of every small detail. A luxury wedding planner will craft the whole wedding experience from the beginning, by setting your budget, taking into consideration the couple’s personal tastes and needs. Also, in case of a destination wedding, this professional will set up the logistics, find the best vendors, arrange food and beverage tastings, do technical visits to the venue, provide legal advice and create the design along with the florist. etc.

Is it worth it to pay for a wedding planner?

The wedding planner is an essential facilitator for a wedding. They will be responsible for connecting all vendors and addressing all needs for the wedding. Additionally, they will guide the bride and groom throughout the process, assisting in maintaining the budget, selecting the most suitable and trustworthy suppliers for the wedding, and analyzing contracts, among other tasks. In the case of a Destination Wedding, their presence is crucial. The wedding planner will act as the bride and groom’s representative at the venue, ensuring everything is prepared for the best experience for the lovebirds.

What to expect from a wedding planner ?

A professional wedding planner must know Paris very well and also be able to provide you with helpful information about ceremony locations, an ideal timeline, recommendations for the best vendors, and everything else you need to know about your wedding in Paris.
All information should be transparent so that the couple can make the best decision. It’s necessary to understand the responsibilities of this professional, that is, what their duties are in providing the service to avoid surprises throughout the process.

Frequently asked questions about wedding in Paris

Can foreigners get married in Paris?

Most couples have a simple civil ceremony in their home town, followed by a symbolic ceremony in Paris to experience the city and create beautiful wedding memories. To have a civil wedding in France, it is necessary for one of the spouses to be a resident in the country.

How much do wedding planners charge in Paris?

French wedding costs vary depending on the location, photographer, number of guests, and other aspects. The main challenge for wedding planners is to create a personalized celebration. There are many details and cultural characteristics that only a local wedding planner knows well. It depends on the experience of the wedding planner, the level of assistance or involvement, and the scope of your wedding celebrations. Contact Cassia Thomas to find out how much it costs to get married in Paris.

10 questions to ask before hiring a wedding planner in Paris

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Before engaging a wedding planner in Paris, it’s crucial to ask pertinent questions to assess their experience and portfolio. Above all, a competent wedding planner invests time in understanding your love story, style preferences, initial ideas, and most importantly, your vision for the ceremony.

Additionally, consider asking the following questions:

  1. What is the professional’s level of experience?
  2. How many weddings have they organized, and what sizes (small, medium, or large)?
  3. How is the budget established?
  4. How is the budget monitored throughout the planning process?
  5. Does the professional offer fixed supplier packages, or is there flexibility in choice?
  6. How frequently are online meetings scheduled to review the ceremony checklist?
  7. What is the process for visiting ceremony venues?
  8. How are logistics, transportation, and guest accommodations managed?
  9. How does the professional guide the couple through vendor contracts?
  10. What support is provided on the wedding day?

Be vigilant for red flags, such as:

  • Delayed responses;
  • Incomplete portfolio;
  • Lack of social proof through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google reviews.

Additionally, inquire about assistance with contract translation, typically in French, and determine if the services offered are bundled or provide flexibility in choosing suppliers.

Cassia Thomas, a renowned Europe wedding planner, oversees all aspects from planning to execution. For the couple, it’s crucial to feel a strong sense of comfort and trust in their chosen professional, as their decisions will shape the wedding experience.

“Above all, my approach is built on trust, ethics, transparency, and empathy. I am dedicated to realizing the couple’s dreams, ensuring a memorable experience that will be cherished forever”.

Cassia Thomas

Cultural differences: an international wedding planner must be ready to handle it!

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First of all, the wedding specialist emphasizes the importance of understanding local nuances. By selecting a specialist who is familiar with the local landscape, the likelihood of success significantly increases. Cassia Thomas possesses the expertise required to craft an exceptional event in Paris, notably.

In addition to the language barrier posed by contracts being in French, a local specialist offers insights into cultural disparities, market dynamics, and effective strategies for engaging with local suppliers.

Furthermore, one of Cassia’s distinctive approaches is conducting virtual tours of potential ceremony venues. Finally, through live video conferencing, she facilitates the final decision-making process, providing clients with a firsthand view of each location.

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Luxury Destination Weddings: Concierge Services for Guests

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Many couples often inquire about special arrangements for their guests. With family members arriving before the ceremony and staying a few extra days in Paris, couples want to ensure everyone enjoys the city’s charms.

Above all, Cassia Thomas goes beyond the ceremony, curating special pre and post-wedding programs. This way, guests can fully immerse themselves, thereby experiencing the Parisian charm to the fullest. “We can craft a personalized tour schedule, ensuring all family members discover the magic of Paris during these special wedding days.”

Explore our personalized services:

  • RSVP management
  • Logistics, transportation, and guest accommodations
  • On-site monitoring and presence by our team on the wedding day

By entrusting your wedding to an experienced specialist, the couple only needs to arrive for their ceremony. After all, it’s a day dedicated to celebrating love and sharing this special moment with beloved ones.

With the support and expertise of Cassia Thomas, indeed, your wedding will undoubtedly be unforgettable.

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Who is Cassia Thomas?

cassia thomas wedding planner in paris

Cassia Thomas has been working as a europe wedding planner since 2017. Trained in luxury hospitality for several years, Cassia Thomas plans weddings in France as well as abroad. “First and foremost, we take care of our fiancés at every moment. We work to establish special relationships with partners that allow them to dream about the big day”.

Certificated as an Elite Wedding Planner from the MSAcademy, Cassia Thomas is genuinely committed to crafting bespoke wedding experiences.

“I am particularly drawn to clients who value excellence and cherish weddings that seamlessly blend modernity with natural sophistication”.

Cassia Thomas

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